That's life, isn't it?

Over the weekend I was picking weeds in our front yard and the tiniest baby bunny hopped out of the bush next to me and came within six inches of me. He was brown and gray and probably wieghed just a few ounces. I had on gardening gloves and tried to pet him, but as soon as I got too close he bounced off. It was a really sweet moment. This morning I went out the back door to go to my car and there was a dead baby bunny on the back porch. It looked as though a cat had gotten him. I don't know for sure if it was the same one I had encountered before, but it started my day in the saddest way. I just can't seem to shake the sight of that sweet little guy. He could have been anywhere in the yard, but instead he was right in my path. I couldn't have missed him. It makes me wonder if I was supposed to be the one to find him. With gloved hands I picked him up and put him in a safer place.