A Little Organization Please?

Unforgivable, isn't it? This is what my work table looks like in my studio. I wouldn't click to zoom in unless you want to be further appalled. This is the result of working on many projects at once, finishing none of them, and not cleaning up as I go along. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Surely there are other artists like me who feel the need to have every single supply that they own within arm's reach. I think I need help... :)


jg said…
okay i am trying this again...first time didn't work... trouble with password.. we just love your mixed media project and can't wait to see the progress you make.. and your studio looks completely NORMAL AND ACTIVE!!!
love you , mom
Corey said…
Hey Messy Marvin, funny how Mom's perspective has changed over time. Could you imagine if our rooms looked like this growing up?