Don't laugh!

Oh these lazy days of summer. I am feeling very lathargic and unmotivated lately. HOWEVER! I did make a creative purchase yesterday to help kickstart my sluggish brain. I bought a mini sewing machine. $14 at Big Lots. How could I resist? Those of you who know me will be saying to yourself right about now, "but, Swirl Girl, you can't sew!" True. I have deep-rooted fears of the needle and thread probably due to traumatic incidents in Home Ec. class, but I am taking my first steps to overcome these fears! Check out my first attempt with the machine-- a simple, stamped greeting card with stitched border.


jg said…
I couldn't be prouder of you swirlgirl for facing your fear in the "eye" (of the needle)and conquering it... keep up the great the mermaids!!