Glorious Fall!

I'm back after a looong summer hiatus. So sorry for the disappearance. Now that fall is finally on it's way I think the weather is going to be cool enough for me to get back in the studio and begin work again. Last night I spent a few hours up there putzing around and it fell so good to be in my creative space once again.

Today I attended a workshop that taught the art of shibori fabric dying. I believe it is a Japanese technique, but I'm not positive. We were each given a sample to take home. Mine is gorgeous! (Pictured here.) The patterns resemble tie-died designs but are even more intricate. We were given the option of sewing ours into tunics or shirts, but I prefer to keep mine as an oversized scarf. I can't wait to show it off!


jg said…
I did miss you but so glad you enjoyed your summer and are now back "home" in your studio... have fun creating. The scarf is beautiful, you will look marvelous in it :))