"With Merely a Glance"

I'm not a very introspective artist. I don't always like to put my personal "stuff" on the page. What I do enjoy, though, is creating pages about fictional characters and situations. But, because I am not a great writer, I choose to tell my stories with images. This page is an example. It started with the picture of the very stern looking woman perched on the fender of her car. To me, she seemed intimidating and unapproachable and I began to develop a story around her. The words "She could summon storms with merely a glance" run under her car and a lightning bolt seems to be emanating from her (or heading towards her) as storm clouds gather in the sky. On the other side of the spread is a hand-written letter from a mother to a daughter. The mother is warning her daughter to be on her best behavior at her grandmother's house, clearly aware that grandma can be a scary individual. I have since added more to this spread---my pages are never quite finished and I fuss with them from time to time. I have since added some stamped images of alchemical symbols to the bottom of the pages and added the words "she seemed harmless enough" inside of the lightning bolt.