Journal Prompt Pages..."Perfect Day"

These are the pages that I've been working on for last week's "Perfect Day" journal prompt. I really had to do some thinking about what that day would be like. To begin the spread, I lightly gessoed both pages being careful not to cover over the lovely stone monument pictured on the left page. Some quick journal writiing with pencil adds a "ghostly" pattern in the background. It speaks of all the elements that would be a part of my perfect day: Coffee, chocolate croissants, time spent in the studio, and time with the hubby and puppy. I added an old advertisement post card as a flap in the middle of the two pages, secured with my electrical tape! The pic above with my fingers in it (oops) shows the flap opened. Both my maternal and paternal grandparents have passed away so a perfect day would have to include a lovely sit down dinner with family, both living and passed. The lovely couple pictured under the flap are my father's mom and dad. Both died very young, many years before I was born. I've left the underside of the flap blank for now, but would like to add a pic of my maternal grandparents as soon as I find one.