Wednesday Prompt Pages in Progress

These are the pages I am working for this week's Journal Prompt. I decided I better crank them out now since we'll be on vacation next week. The book I am working in is a pictorial history of Korea (found at the thrift shop for around $1!) It's full of big, full-color, illustrations which I love. It's fun to let some of them "peek" through the background of your spread. You can see the faint image of a temple behind my buddha and some of the book's text here and there, shining through. I used some thinned out liquid acrylic (Golden's Quinacridone) and brushed it over both pages to create a golden glow. The image of the buddha was cut from a page that I removed from the book to thin out it's bulk a bit. On the opposite side is an image by William Blake. It seemed like a very serene setting, which fit the theme I was working with.... Speaking of the theme.....

What I need most in my life is: CALM---- a sense that everything right now, at this very moment, is just fine. No need to worry about the past and no need to fret about the future. I did a bit of writing around the buddha that describes this idea. I'm still working these pages, and probably will for a while, but I feel that this is a good start.