Wednesday Weekly Journal Prompts

It is a dreary July morning here in VA. Lots of rain and clouds kept me in bed a little longer than usual. As I was lounging under the covers, however, my brain was awake, thinking artsy little thoughts here and there. It's usually how I "rock" myself to sleep at night--by thinking up ideas for my journals or mixed media pieces. Unfortunately, I often fall asleep before writing them down! Today's under-the-covers epiphany was an idea to start posting a Weekly Journal Prompt each Wednesday. This is a great way to jumpstart the creative process, especially if you've been in a artistic funk lately. So each week I will post a different prompt to get you started, and if you'd like to email me pics of what you've created in your journals based on the prompts, I will happily post them (using only your first name) along with my own pages. If you'd like to be able to leave comments about the postings you will need to sign up for a free Google account (super easy to do.) My email address is I look forward to seeing the amazing results!

THIS WEEK'S PROMPT: "What I need most in my life is..."