Journal Pages for "I Had the Strangest Dream..."

I'm a bit late in posting these pages, but better late than never! My dreams are usually very vivid and I rarely have trouble remembering them. The early hours of the morning, just before waking, seems to be the time for the most vivid dreams of all. For these pages, I chose to work rather quickly and instead of trying to illustrate my dream, I merely wrote it out in the background. Here are the steps I followed to create the spread:

1. Smeared and blended purple and blue ink pads all over both pages to quickly get rid of that dreaded "white page" effect.

2. Created a repeating pattern with my tiny moon stamp.

3. Added the illustration of the hand with "palm reading" lines on it.

4. Used two different alphabet stamps to write out the prompt across the page.

5. Used my white gel pen to write out my dream across both pages and drew the sailing ship on the left-hand side.

6. Torn pieces of glittered blue cardstock and a large, full-moon stamp were added.

7. Distressed both pages with some black crayon...heavier around the edges of the pages and over the glittery blue paper on the bottom.

8. Lastly, I created a "tab" that sticks out of the top of the book using an old astrological chart.


Anonymous said…
I love your "dreamy" technique on these pages.. you inspired me to try something new.. thanks! the white gel pen must be the best to write over other mediums.