Knock and Someone Just May Answer...

Every few months, our school librarian cleans house, meaning she goes through all the shelves and chucks the books that haven't been checked out in several years.  I understand why she must do this to make room for new reads, but seeing those orphaned books on the give-away cart makes me a bit sad.   So I have made it my duty to rescue a few of these discarded treasures and put them to new use.  I've already used several as visual journals and others I have cut apart to harvest their illustrations.  The spread below uses two quirky (and somewhat disturbing) images that came from a children's book on the paranormal.  Inspired by the countless ghost-hunting shows that I've seen over the last several years, I created this spread as a warning: don't mess with forces that you cannot control.  In other words, if you go looking for other-worldly may just get what you seek.

Sorry about the glare, but my favorite tape (electrical tape) tends to shine without my permission.

Holy creepy, Batman.  

Just say ouija boards.


jg said…
yikes... those are scary.. good lesson to stay away from those entities...
I totally agree about not seeking what we don't know about in the paranormal. Too creepy for me!
Love your blog!
Teresa in California