A Creative Quickie

The other night, in between feedings and changings, I gave myself some much needed studio time---only about a half an hour, but it was enough to grease the creative gears.  In one of my journals I had created a flap from a vintage math flash card.  I should have snapped a "before" pic, but the juices were flowing so fast that I couldn't pause for one.  :)  Determined to make something out of this flap, I grabbed a box of paper scraps and started tearing and gluing.  I started with a large scrap of sheet music, added some small strips from a 1898 almanac, a cigar box stamp, some punched out circles from a red thank you note, diamond stamps with Staz-on, and some electrical tape.  Over all of it, I rubbed some distress inks to try and unify the overall color scheme.  It was done in 30 minutes and my creative yearnings were satisfied for another day.  Hooray me.  :)


jg said…
YOU ARE AMAZING.... MOM, WIFE, ARTIST....and great at all three :)