A New Batch of Old Souls...

My new family of "reclaimed relatives."
Don't you just love her face?  She looks strong-willed, but with a sense of humor...or maybe she's keeping a very funny secret.  Can't wait to create a Nostalgic Narrative about her!

I always enjoy seeing what the fashions were like back then.  Just look at the trim on her dress and the delicate flowers in her hair.  Picture-taking was such a serious thing back then.  No smiling allowed.

A dear friend of our family donated these family photos to me, knowing that I love to use vintage images in my work.  Nobody in her family wanted them because they didn't know who the people were!  That's the sad thing about time....as it passes, we forget that the future generations might just want to know about the past.  We forget to label pictures or we don't write down our grandparents' stories before they pass on...it's really quite tragic.  I'll try to give them all a story of their own in my journal pages...even if the stories are fiction....at least I'll be giving them an identity of sorts.


jg said…
Hey they look like somebodies!!! :)