Visual Journal in Progress

I really am trying to work in some creative time for myself during these months of "transition" to Florida.  We're still in temporary lodgings which means all of my art supplies are in storage, but I'm making do with my new visual journal, some sharpies, and some collage items.  Here's a peak at the journal.  It's a "Dylusions" journal made by Ranger Ink.  I found it at Hobby Lobby for $19.99  but I know I've seen them online as well for a little bit cheaper.  I can't wait to get some color on the pages, but in the is what it is.

Front cover, embellished with a vintage magazine image, a quote I cut from a local paper, and a bumper sticker that I got for free at a nearby "hippie" shop.

Gotta love the titles of the stories in this old "Ghost" serial.
Inside the front covers.  I glued a full-sized copy of a vintage add for a "Dream-Reader." 
I love that this journal comes with an envelope attached inside the front cover.  Perfect for storing all of my collage bits and pieces until I'm ready to use them.

Back cover I know exactly when I began this journal.