The muse calls...but I can't answer.

So we are officially in Florida and our deal on a new house fell through so we are starting from scratch and living in a rental while we start our search again.  Sigh...  All of my art supplies are in boxes in a PODS storage facility and I have been feeling the itch to create so I packed up the baby and took her on her first trip to Hobby Lobby.  Actually, it was my first time there, too, as we only had Michael's back in VA.  I picked up a lovely sketchbook, a PITT artist pen, and a glue stick so that I can at least do a little drawing and maybe some collage work.  Two nights ago,after baby was finally sleeping, I spent about 30 minutes Zentangling my way to creative nirvana.  It felt wonderful to put pen to paper and make images again...even if they are really just doodles.  Here's the results.  So far I've taken up less than half a page in the sketchbook, but it's a start!!!


merci33 said…
This is a fabulous step...and they're lovely designs...the beauty of the Zentangle
Chelsey Velilla said…
Thank you so much! They are one of my new favorite art forms. Simple enough to complete almost anywhere, but intricate enough to be beautiful. :)