I May Need a "Pin"tervention...

Minoan Labyrinth Wall Plaque

A year or two ago I signed up for an account on Pinterest, but I never went back to it after that....Until recently.  Now I may be hooked.  It is an amazing source of inspiring images and I have been having a ball creating my boards.  They will be an excellent source of ideas when I finally get back in the studio.  I'm sure many of you reading this have been Pinterest enthusiasts for a while now so you already know how cool it is.  If you'd like to view my boards and see what's inspiring me these days (I'm particularly fond of labyrinths like the one above) go to...  www.pinterest.com/chelseyvelilla.  Warning: Time flies when you're on Pinterest!  You'll look up and see that hours have passed without you being aware of it!