New Studio-To-be!

Front entrance to the garage/studio

Side entrance...this is the door that I'll use to access my studio.  It needs some prettying-up, though. it is!  The site of my future studio.  We should be officially moved into the new house in two weeks.  What a long wait it's been!  When we came down to Florida we thought we were moving into a new house in August, but the people didn't want to sell after the appraisal came in low, so... 4 months later and we're finally going to be in a home.  The building that my studio will be in is a garage/shed that's about 25 feet long by 15 feet wide.  I'm going to have the back half and my hubby will use the front half for storage.  We're going to have some kind of dividing wall put up to separate the spaces.  I can't wait to get in there and set things up! 

While I was wondering through our backyard which looks like this...

Arbor leading from back patio into backyard.

You can see the same arbor in the center of the pic here.  Ignore the construction materials!  The red door leads into my hubby's den/man cave.

I stumbled upon some treasures hidden in the greenery...

We have an orange tree!!! 
Green man lurking in the neighbor's tree.  He watches over our backyard.  Can you see him?  Looks kind of like a Neanderthal or Monkey-Man, too.  :)  I just love him.