Creative Playtime

Not every trip into the studio will produce a work of art worth hanging on a gallery wall.  Sometimes, as an artist, we just need time to PLAY.  Get your hands dirty, open supply drawers that have been closed for a while, and around.  When you don't have expectations of creating that "perfect" piece you allow yourself the freedom to do things you may not usually do.  Try it at least once a week if you can.  Here are a few of my playtime creations from this week...

This began with a charcoal sketch.  Then I added acrylics, scratching labyrinth-like patterns into them, and finished with oil pastels.

I'm fascinated by standing stones of any kind.  Charcoal sketch with black acrylic.  I stamped into the wet acrylic with a rubber stamp that has a lacey pattern.  I tried to make the stamped areas "pop" by rubbing silver powdered pigment over them.  It's a little too subtle. 

Imagery for a future painting or journal spread?

The first layers of a new journal spread.  An image the tarot deck with red ink pad rubbed over it.  The leaf pattern comes from a fancy paper napkin that I collaged on with gel medium.  Paper napkins are a great collage material!