Stonehenge in Wax

I love mysterious old places, don't you? Old English castles, untouched attics and basements, of my favorites...ancient stone circles.  I've got a growing collection of my favorite places on my pinterest site and I consult it on a fairly regular basis for inspiration.  Continuing my experimentation with beeswax, I created this "Ode to the Stones" using commercial scrapbook paper, beeswax, oil paints, and oil pastels.  Getting the beeswax to go on in even layers is still my biggest challenge, but I'm working on it!  If anyone out there has experience working with this temperamental medium I would welcome any and all advice.  Leave me a comment or email me at

I'm happy with the overall look of this piece but you can see where I haven't quite gotten even layers of wax applied.  Ugh!

The wavy lines in the sky are carved into the top layer of wax using an exacto knife.  Oil paint was rubbed into the lines and the excess removed with (many) paper towels.

I incised these circles into the wax using a round tool that I normally use for punching holes in leather when I make my cuff bracelets . A plastic straw would probably work just as well if you twist it around a bit while applying pressure.


jg said…
I love your style. I like the texture effect I've gotten with wax.. I don't mind uneven surface. Keep posting all your work..very inspiring!!!