The Artist Blog Loop

Have you ever been stuck in an "artist blog loop?"  This occurs fairly often to me and it can be quite pleasant and almost always inspiring.  Here's how it happens:  You find a very cool artist's blog and spend some time looking around.  Then you stumble upon their list of artist blog's that they follow and you follow a link to one of those...this artist also has a list of blog's that they're following, so you click on one of those, etc, etc, etc....the loop can go on and on and on.  Before you know it, hours have passed by.  Not wasted hours, though.  Along the journey you've likely accumulated a wealth of new ideas and inspirations, not to mention added a slew of "favorites" to your bookmarks. 

Yesterday, I found myself in a loop of book and paper artists' blogs.  The work of two artists in particular really spoke to me. They both incorporate natural elements into their pieces.  I've added them to my list of blog's on the sidebar of this page.  They are the blogs of Susan Gaylord and Velma Bolyard.  If you do stop by their sites be sure to check out their favorite links and find yourself lost in your own loop!