New Studio Windows

Still a work in progress, but it's getting there.  Here are my new windows!  Now I can have natural light flowing into the space and a nice view of the back yard when I'm at my work table.  :)  We've already done the drywall mudding since these pics were taken and are waiting for it to dry.  The darn rains came again so that is slowing down the drying process...again.  We were able to reuse a piece of trim from when we renovated the house last year.  It's the unpainted piece than sits below the windows on the interior.  I wish we had more of it because I love the way it looks raw, but it stands out like a sore thumb. 

Exterior view.  We plan to "wrap" the entire garage in plaster and wood to make it match our tudor-style house.  The old red door will be covered over and all the yellow spray insulation will be hidden, too. 

We originally planned for the window to be more towards the back corner of the room, but changed our minds.  Hence the grayish drywall patch soon to be painted. 

My "Hobbitt-ish" welcome mat.  Please pardon the mess beyond.  This was in mid-mayhem.