Renovating the Studio!

It has been a very busy holiday season here but for good reasons! We had my parents in town with us for New Year's and...we've been renovating my studio!  First we had to empty out the contents...
It all looked kinda pretty nestled under the palms.  The chain link fence belonging to the neighbors will be covered by privacy fence in the future.

The red door here was the old entrance into the studio. 
 Then we sealed and insulated the old door and created a new entrance on the backside.

This door allows for plenty of natural light to come in.  Framing and insulation in the works here, too. 
Lots of insulation needed to help regulate the temperature inside.  Metal walls don't exactly buffer the Florida heat very well. 

Next came the drywall and bead board ceiling. I purposely wanted to keep things very clean and white.  We did paint over the very dinged-up floors with an oil-based brown paint.  It covered up a lot of imperfections but took 3 days to cure due to humidity.  (Did I mention it rained on and off for 3 days while all of my stuff was out in the yard?  Yeah.  Thanks Mother Nature.  Thank goodness for tarps.)
We had lots of help from friends and family during this project.  I caught the back of our friend Steve's head here.  Ceilings and drywall going in.
More pics to follow soon.  At this point the studio is almost complete.  I just have to snap some more shots of the updated work.  We've installed three windows that look out to the backyard and we've moved everything back inside. 
I am so excited to have a finished (well, almost finished) space in which to work.  Next comes the fun part...hanging art, creating an "inspiration wall" and, of course, creating art!


Megan P. Ernst said…
That's so exciting! It's going to be a great place to work and get inspired. :)
Chelsey Velilla said…
Thanks, Megan! Stay tuned. I'm hoping to create a video tour of the studio once it's complete. :)