A New (Old) Journaling video

I uploaded this video to YouTube a while back and just recently noticed that it had disappeared from my channel.  When I went into the "video manager" page, there was a notice from YouTube saying that it had been blocked because it contained copyrighted info.  I can only assume that they are referring the song by Loreena McKennitt that runs through the video...even though I gave her credit at the end of the video.  Anyway...I can't seem to figure out how to edit the movie to remove the music so I'm just posting it here with the following disclaimer:  All artwork within the following video belongs to me, myself, and I, (i.e. Chelsey Velilla).  The amazingly, beautiful song titled "The Mummer's Dance" is creative property of Loreena McKennitt.  It's found on her "Book of Secrets" album.  Enjoy the video anyway!  It was filmed in 2013 in my old studio in Virginia.