What's on my art desk right now....

I'm posting this because I've seen lots of other artists post pictures of their own work desks or tables and it always intrigues me to see what bits and bobs litter their spaces.  Today, my desk looks like this...complete with a curly-headed little girl spinning in my chair.  :)
Overhead shot.  Surprisingly clutter-free today--sad proof that I haven't been all that productive this summer.

My bits and bobs:  Two gnomes that need repairs due to a bit of rough play with above-mentioned little girl.  ;)  A rusty, wrought iron candle holder on it's side.  Love it's primitive/aboriginal fish skeleton that's attached to it.  I traced around it to create a stencil for future creations.  Pencil sharpener.  Round wire rack.  Liked that it has eight-spokes...reminder of the wheel of the year.  Not sure how it will be used.  Right now it's weighing down some tissue scraps, a paper plate (paint palette) and some bits of ceramic tile.  Wooden box holds a broken music box mechanism that plays "Happy Birthday."  Given to me by my maternal grandma when I was young.  It, too, is awaiting repairs.  Edge of current art journal peeks through....

Toddler hand on recently "tweaked" pages of an art journal.  Black Staz-On ink pad is never too far out of reach.  You can see the rest of the fish here along with a painted piece of wood onto which I collaged some scrapbook rounds, half-rounds, and crescents...reminiscent of moon phases.

Gesso, gel medium, Staz-On, Alchol Ink Rubbing Solution, a feather, UHU glue stick, random jewelry parts littering the bottom of my lamp.  Tea bag tag stuck to stem of lamp has some pertinent words of wisdom...maybe not too pertinent as I can't recall them right now without going back out to the studio...and it's raining.


Very nice blog!..you are very creative and talented!