A Tweak and a Complete

That's just what these are...an old piece that I tweaked and a newly completed piece.  Although I would be sad to part with these "creative children" of mine...I am planning to list them in my Etsy shop.  Perhaps you know someone who deserves a truly unique Christmas gift this year? 
Untitled Found Object Assemblage.  Salvaged floorboard pieces, wooden domino box, ceramic tile piece, raffia, and various other wood and metal bits and bobs. 

"Temple of Man."  I had been waiting for just the right piece to use as a base/support for this piece that I made years back and along it came...the front panel from an old wooden drawer.  It has lovely details; a carefully carved handle and small circular opening with lock mechanism visible inside.  I had originally designed it to hang on the wall, but its heavy weight and the idea that it is a "temple" seems to lend itself better to a standing position.