The Four Elements...

Next month I will be participating in Mount Dora's monthly Art Splash.  It takes place the 2nd Friday of each month and gives emerging artists and performers a chance to set up their wares or entertain the crowds on the charming streets downtown.  To gear up, I've put my art-making in full throttle.  I'm hoping to have at least 15 pieces to take with me that night.  Here's a sneak peak at a small series in progress...The Four Elements.  Acrylics on 6X6" canvases.  They're a bit bright for my vintage-y style so I will tone them down with some layers of glaze or some antiquing inks.  Still debating whether I would let them go to separate new homes or if they need to stay together as a set.


The four elements (Air-Earth-Water-Fire) have been on my mind since settling in here at Arching Oaks.  They surround us here each day:

AIR==the breezes that blow through the leafy canopies, giving voice to our trees. 
EARTH==these amazing acres shaded by the grand old oaks. 
WATER==our lotus-dotted pond full of life. 
FIRE==the warming sun, but also the man-made blazes that we create from fallen branches. 

Each day, we are learning to appreciate these more and more by slowing ourselves down and remembering that the only deadlines and stresses we have are the ones that we conjure up in our minds.  Going OUTSIDE actually takes us INSIDE of ourselves and helps us connect with our truly happy place.  We are syncing ourselves with the Pace of this Place.