I sat in a tree today...

Yup. This morning I spent some quality time on the branch of one of my favorite Live Oaks here at Arching Oaks.  Just me and the tree...and the squirrels...and crows...and the sound of the neighbor's rooster....OK, so I wasn't really alone at all, but I was alone with nature and that made for really good medicine on a Monday morning.  It looked something like this...

Had to draw myself into the pic since the squirrels refused to take a pic for me.

Chico followed me out to the oak and then stood below me, perplexed, as if I had forgotten what species I belong to. 

We have several little hidden groves and glades around our property that are truly magical.  Today, we spruced one up a bit by using some enormous vines to create archways along its entrance.  When I say "vines" I'm not talking about those spindly little curly-cues that grow on your hedges.  I'm talking VINES...thick as a small tree and worthy of Tarzan.  Observe:

These guys are amazing!  We pulled some that were clinging to branches at least 25 feet up in the air.  And, yes, we did try swinging on one of the strongest specimens.  What a rush!

Here are the arches leading into a large, round clearing in one of our front pastures.  Later, I went back in and outlined the space with fallen branches and logs to better define the area.  It really does feel like you're entering into an sacred, ancient grove.

Some of the trees here need to be cut down.  Years of neglect have left us with many rotten trunks to take down.  They'll be recycled into the earth via our fire pit. 
We'll keep working in this area until we get it just right.  In the future we'll add log benches for seating during dojo promotion ceremonies or for participants in my art workshops to sit and sketch.  Maybe it will just be a meditation grove.  Lots of possibilities....