Prepping for Art Splash this Friday!

I promised to show pics of the pieces I'll be taking with me to Mount Dora's Art Splash this Friday night.  Join me if you can from 6-8 pm in downtown.  The town is full of unique shops, restaurants, and, during Art Splash, the sidewalks will be full of artists and performers showing off their talents.  :)  If you'd like to make one of these your own, please email me at and we can arrange payment and shipping details.
"Healed." Mixed media shadow box. Antiqued picture frame, copper sheet, vintage wooden nickel, papier mache heart. $40.

Showcasing the beauty of rusty, old bits.  "Nocturne 4." Antiqued frame, porcelain knob, metal cog, nut, and faceplate.  $40

"Peace Relic." Found object assemblage. Cigar box, vintage paper lining and book cover, WWII ration stamps, and weathered metal plate, ceramic "cup" from vintage light fixture.  $55
Portable Buddha Shrine.  Cigar box, bamboo tiles, vintage bottle cap, metal plate from a door's lock, cork liner, rice paper with handwritten Chinese characters, small ceramic tile, wooden plaques from antique chest. $40.

"Soul House Ofrenda."  Acrylics, oil pastel, metal upholstery tack strip.  $35. 

Elemental Ofrendas: "FIRE" and "EARTH."  6" X 6" canvas. Acrylics and repurposed door knob.  $40 each.

"AIR" and "WATER" Elemental Ofrendas. 6" X 6" canvas.  $40 each.

Set of all four ofrendas. $150

Double Buddha Box. Acrylics and bamboo.  Exterior and interior views. $25

"8" Mixed media collage.  Acrylics, vintage pattern paper. 12" X 12" canvas. $40.

"One Generation Watches Over the Next." Mixed media collage. Acrylics, oil pastels, image transfers. 12" X 12" canvas.  $65
"Moon Offerings." Acrylics on canvas. 12" X 24".  $85
Untitled found object assemblage. Salvaged materials: vintage floor boards, domino box, wrought iron fence piece, copper plate, ceramic tile, raffia.  $225.

"Temple of Man." Found object assemblage. Panel from antique dresser drawer, legs from antique
table, salvage copper roof flashing, upholstery tacks, paper collage elements. $295.


Chachi said…
Very aunique and beautiful!!
Unknown said…
Beautiful! Where will you be set up?
Chelsey Velilla said…
Sorry I missed your comment MountDora Buzz! I was set up in front of Home and Garden Treasures and Cozy Nest. Had a great time! It was a beautiful night to be out and about in Mount Dora. :)
Unknown said…
They are so inspiring!!