Consulate General's Visit...

We were so honored to have been (twice!) visited recently by the Consul General of Japan in Miami, Mr. Kenji Hirata, who came to tour our dojo and educational facilities and speak with us about our mission here at Arching Oaks Arts & Culture Center.  He was very supportive and even came back the following week during our Shugyo Matsuri! 
Touring the Sensei's breakroom and admiring our 17th century Kano School scrolls .

Paying respects at the Kamidana inside of Kashimon Dojo.

Sabastian Sensei speaking to Mr. Hirata about the classes offered at Kashimon Dojo in the Budo arts of Kyudo, Karatedo, and Iaido

Participants in the Kumihimo braid-weaving class were honored to be joined by the Consul General.  
Guest instructor, Carol Franklin, speaking to Mr. Hirata and Matsuri guest about her traditional methods of Kumihimo.