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I am an artist, teacher, wife, and mother living in on a twenty acre property we named "Arching Oaks" in lovely, Eustis, Florida.  
Primarily, I work in mixed media...either in my visual journals or on found object assemblages.  I'm inspired by many things: nature, ancient cultures, historical places, people of the past, and all things that are a little magical and mysterious.  

I am married to a wonderful, generous and giving hubby and have one, precious, little girl (and artist-in-training) who makes me smile every day.

When I'm not creating artsy stuff, I am the Vice President of our non-profit, Arching Oaks Arts & Culture Center and a certified Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.  

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Melissa D. said…
All that Chelsey says above is true! ;) I've had the pleasure of being friends with her and the hubby for years, and recently visited with them in their enchanting home in lovely Mount Dora! The beautiful Bambina is as enchanting and artistically inspiring as life seems to be in their lovely little town! I hope to visit again soon and make even more great memories with you and the family! :D Until then, I know you're going to have spectacular artpieces just overflowing from you in your magical studio!